Superstition: Birds flying into window’s, does it have to be negative?

It’s truly been an odd few months, but, I am always grateful for distraction from routine of the daily grind.

One morning before work, I was at my computer desk getting lost in You Tube as usual.. and a bird flew into my window! It scared the bejeezus out of me!

Thankfully it bounced right back and took off. It really just bonked it’s little bird head and went on it’s merry way.

Since I was now in a state of shock and felt bad for the lil’ guy, I wanted to make sure no more birdies flew into the windows! I honestly didn’t think they were that clean…

Had an Idea!

My daughter just got some neat new Crayola Window Markers, I could use those! This turned out to actually be pretty fun.

I figured future birds would be distracted by the drawings on the windows… nope!

A few weeks later, my wonderful hubby and I were getting lost in You Tube again, and bonk! another one!!! Same as the last one, it hit it’s little birdie head and flew off. Was so odd!

I’ve found some literature online about this being a bad omen: but only if they die.

What does that mean then if they don’t die? It leaves me puzzled and looking for some insight.

I am hoping to find some opinions!

It flew into the Wealth & Prosperity Bagua of my home. which me being an optimist,  am hoping means good news for our little family and not the negative superstition of mortality since they both survived 🙂




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